Sunday, 23 October 2016


Raffle Prizes

The Gregor Raffle along with his basket of goodies.

The main raffle with the first prize Sasha on the right.

lots more was added during the day until the draw took place.

 more items

and more

 and the Gregor who was the last prize.

Petrana's Husband came all the way from Milton Keynes to deliver him in time for the draw! What a lovely man.

The raffle made £533 and wonderful total , The Sasha was won by Janet M D and the Gregor by Jane Woodward's Mum and amazingly Jane Woodward won the Gregor and his basket of clothes!

In total we raised just over £1000 for Charity with my work adding another £250 once I apply, so a very good days work from everyone involved. Many thanks to all who donated money/ prizes, bought tickets etc. Without you all this would not be possible.

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