Sunday, 30 October 2016


Well I have to confess I nearly forgot to take photo's of the Sasha's attending! But did remember in time to go and take a few. There were not as many dolls attending as in previous years so plenty of room for them to stand.although a few did group together on one of the tables! a little behind on putting on this post.

These dolls seem to be doing as much chatting as their mum's were!

Dawn's curly haired Sasha was showing off her refurbished pram.

Dawn's done a great job on this pram, love the bag she's found to sit just like they did back then at the end.

A couple of dolls needed to rest after their long journey.

I just had to visit with Arabella , who used to live here in the village.

I took this photo of these charming toddlers together with the baby i front, not realising that they were in fact the only two pairs of Trendon toddlers ever made! No wonder they had so much to talk about! It had been a good while since they'd met up!

a couple of twin red haired girls

Love this girl belonging to Jane S, Beautiful detailing on her dress and a wonderful outfit in total, she was much admired .

 a few decided to stand on the window ledges to make sure they got a good view.

At least these did leave the kitchen sink at home but did bring the cooker!

I caught up with the beautiful Elizabeth belonging to Diane

She is truly beautiful  and looked perfect in her red dress.

Spot the fraud !

Loved these two on the bike, great outfits! perfect pose !


We always like to see other dolls that are out in the doll world and Teddy brought along his Xenis doll Wendy. She is from their limited edition story group , of Peter Pan and Wendy, there is also a large Captain Hook and a tiny Tinkerbell.

I had a good chat with Teddy and got Paul to bring my Xenis doll from Home, so that Teddy could see the smaller limited edition dolls.

Our featured dolls this year were the Muller Wichtel Elves , some of the Sasha collectors have a few of these, as I do myself, so a little elf meeting took place at one side of the stage !

They were very interested in all the people gathered about chatting and buying things for their dolls, they even found a few things that would fit them!

There were also a couple of Little darlings present.

So they are the photo's I took of the visitors.

next up the Jamboree display.

Sunday, 23 October 2016


Raffle Prizes

The Gregor Raffle along with his basket of goodies.

The main raffle with the first prize Sasha on the right.

lots more was added during the day until the draw took place.

 more items

and more

 and the Gregor who was the last prize.

Petrana's Husband came all the way from Milton Keynes to deliver him in time for the draw! What a lovely man.

The raffle made £533 and wonderful total , The Sasha was won by Janet M D and the Gregor by Jane Woodward's Mum and amazingly Jane Woodward won the Gregor and his basket of clothes!

In total we raised just over £1000 for Charity with my work adding another £250 once I apply, so a very good days work from everyone involved. Many thanks to all who donated money/ prizes, bought tickets etc. Without you all this would not be possible.


I thought I'd start with the very well laden-ed sales tables as I know that's the part you all really want to see. So here we go!

First up we have a Passion for Sasha with lots of lovely new fabrics!
more from Ginny's

Jane Woodwards lovely table of beautiful knits.

More of Jane's ,I did purchase an Item or two from this table.

just around from Jane was Ruth and Lisa Hartley's sales table.

lots to chose from here  

Some of Ruth's dresses.

Then next we have Diane Dukes lovely knits.

Then we have Judith of Dolly Doodles, lots to choose from here.

and more

so many lovely things, I did mention I may have to ban her next year! Purely in the interests of being able to still have some money left for food!! 

Hoodles of Doodles..

then round to Jane Woodbridge/ Denham's lovely knits.

Jane also had a few accessories for the dolls..

Next was Janet Myhill Dabbs, beautiful outfits 

more from Janet.

Then we had Brneda Walton's table of Original Sasha items, Brenda having worked in the Trendon Factory in Stoke on Trent for those of you who don't already know.

lots of Original items at fair prices

love that pile of hats!

Then we had Marilyn Hopkiss with her wonderful smocked dresses.

More of Marilyn's


Back round to Ginny of A Passion for Sasha,





Ginny' T's

Ginny's, I love the fabric's on the two blue blouses

Next up is Michelle of Delectable Delights, loads of fabulous tights and trousers,

Her cropped trousers for Sasha's also fit the baby's as full length trousers and the Wichtel dolls!
She was also selling lovely little necklaces for the Sasha's.

more from Michelle

Then Susan B- L with her table of Sasha sizes accessories

more accessories.

Chris Meatyards Table of goodies.

Chris was selling Fabric's , wool and patterns suitable for making dolls clothes.

Dawn Law's was up next selling on a few of her Dolls.


more of Dawn's.

Gayle Rotheim opened up her shoe shop next to dawn.

More of Gayle's shoes.

Well as you can see a Sasha shoppers paradise! Loads to chose from.

If anyone is interested in anything They have seen , just email me , my emails on my sales page and I'll forward your email on to the seller in question.